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Progressive Christian Spiritual Growth & Renewal Community

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Progressive Christian Spiritual Growth & Renewal Community

Evolving Christian Faith Network
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Explore, Share, & Grow as a Progressive Christian

The Evolving Christian Faith Community is a safe space for progressive Christians to renew their spiritual lives or explore the horizons of their spirituality and faith.

  • Through spiritual exercises we reconnect with Spirit.
  • Through "Casual Conversation" times we get to know each other.
  • Through topical conversation we learn how to speak respectfuly to others.
  • Through contemplative prayer we learn to turn off our agendas and listen for God in the sacred silence.
  • Though identifiable goals we commit to personal growth and development.

Renewal Level

This is perfect for those who want to feel out the community to see if it is a good fit. Enjoy meeting new people who are a lot like yourself (and surely some who are quite different). Build new friendships with people from all over. Feel less isolated with your progressive Christian perspective.

At the Renewal Level, you get monthly access to:

  • Chat space for text-based conversations with other members so you can get to know them and learn from their perspectives. (24/7)
  • "Casual Conversation" times to get together without any agenda other than to hang out and build relationships with likeminded people. (1st and 3rd Saturdays, 11:30 am CST)
  • Spiritual exercises to help us reconnect with our sense of Spirit and call. (2nd and 4th Saturdays, 11:30 am CST)

Growth Level

Designed for those who strive to intentionally grow spiritually and deepen their sense of intimacy with the Divine. Embrace the power of transformation as you embark on a journey to find your Divine Destiny.

At the Growth Level, you get monthly access to:

  • Everything at the Renewal Level plus...
  • Spiritual discussions over live-stream video with other members so you can wrestle with difficult spiritual topics together, learn how to articulate where you stand, and even practice respectful responses among disagreement. (Mondays, 6:30 pm CST; We take the 5th Monday off if there is one.)
  • Contemplative prayer sessions to start off your Saturdays during which you can practice a discipline of letting go of your ego and leaning into the Divine Silence. (Saturdays, 10:30 am CST; We take the 5th Saturday off if there is one.)
  • Spiritual growth group session to support and encourage you as you set growth goals and strive to attain them. (2nd Wednesday; 6:30 pm CST)

NOTE: You will be automatically billed monthly for your membership unless you cancel.

All memberships include a 1 week free trial