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(E-Course) Prayer: Attentive Living

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Prayer: Attentive Living

The 1st topic in the series Spiritual Growth Program for Progressive Christians.

Are you a progressive Christian who struggles with more "traditional", often rigid approaches to spirituality?

If so, then you've probably struggled with prayer. Maybe you are simply too busy to integrate it into your life. Or maybe you just think it doesn't work and is a waste of breath.

If that's you, believe me when I say "I get it". I've been there. And I've discovered that there are ways to pray that are far more spiritually invigorating than others.

Prayer Can be Far More than Just "Talking with God"

At it's most basic level, prayer is really about our sense of connection with the Divine. It is about our openness to God and our responsiveness to God through what I like to call "divine conversation", which may or may not include "talking with God". (Yeah, you heard that right.)

Unfortunately, many progressive Christians have never had the opportunity to explore alternative approaches to prayer other than the standard spoken prayer they learn in church. As a result, they never have the opportunity to experience the life-giving transformation that can come through them.

Through this course, you will explore what it means to pray, encounter different ways to pray, and learn how your understanding of prayer is connected to your God Concepts.

This course is the first step of a programmatic journey that will revolutionize the way you think of what it means to be Christian as it invites you to step into a new human destiny that brings life-giving hope to a struggling world.

General Outline of the Course

  • My Prayer Journey
  • Visions of God, Visions of Prayer
  • What's the Point of All This?
  • Why Pray?
  • How Does Prayer Change as We Grow?
  • Different Types of Personal Prayer
  • How Should We Pray as Progressive Christians

What You Get

  • 19 videos with a total run time of approximately 105 minutes.
  • A 61-page script-ebook for reference or for those who prefer to read

Who am I?

I (Vernon A. McGuffee II) am an ordained Teaching Elder in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the author of Drinking from an Empty Glass: Living out of a Meaningless Spirituality (which can be found on Amazon).

The question that haunts me is, "Into what is Christianity evolving?"

I find my best answers for my quest in radical and revisionist theologies, as well as mysticism. In fact, I like to think of myself as an "armchair mystic" as I find the contemplative approach to Christian spirituality extremely meaningful.

Through the Spiritual Growth Program for Progressive Christians, I hope to empower other progressive Christians to grow as they make their own unique journeys on their own unique paths.

You can find more about me and my perspective on my website, Evolving Christian Faith Network (

Watch for the rest of the program to show up here as soon as the installments are finished.

01—Prayer: Attentive Living

02—Story: The Framework for Meaning Making

03—Perspective: Embracing Complexity

04—Emotions: Feeling Deeply

05—Passion: Flowing with a Higher Purpose

06—Incarnation: Realizing Faith

07—Conflict: Apocalyptic Opportunity

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Video presentation with script-ebook

19 Videos
Approx. run time 1 hour 40 minutes
61 pp.

(E-Course) Prayer: Attentive Living

0 ratings
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