(Audiobook Preview) Drinking from an Empty Glass: Living Out of a Meaningless Spirituality

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Drinking from an Empty Glass: Living Out of a Meaningless Spirituality—Introduction (Audiobook)

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"Are you a Christian?" The answer to that question could be almost assumed in the United States in the 1950s.

But we don't live in the 1950s anymore. Today, people are leaving the Christian churches for other options, with the most prominent being "spiritual, but not religions."

Now, cultural biases today bend away from absolute Truth and toward relative perspective, away from singular cause-and-effect dynamics and toward systemic interaction, away from top-down power structures and toward bottom-up power.

Welcome to the postmodern religious condition.

This book has been written for those Christians who struggle with the shift from the modern theological paradigm to the postmodern one.

But, it doesn't lament the transition. Instead, it celebrates it as it explores the experience of holding weakly to a Christian truth and identity in today's world. And in that experience, it finds infinite potential.

How can we understand the Christian calling after we abandon absolutes?

We can do it with strong faith and integrity. That's how.

But that doesn't mean that the Christianity of tomorrow will look or sound anything like the Christianity of yesteryear.

Maybe the time has come for something completely different.

NOTE: This free introduction was originally created for my blog. As such, it makes reference to adding the rest of the book in audio form to that blog. That never happened, so please ignore those references.

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